Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back again...

It's been a long time since I've posted as it's been an odd couple of months. I really feel like I need to start typing again, if only for my own piece of mind.

I've thankfully left my terrible job as a debt collector and now gladly do technical support, though it was not all fun and games. This was my first interviews I've had to go through since starting my transition and it adds a whole new level of stress to the process. As my name is not legally changed yet my appearance does not really match my resume and tends to catch people off guard. And the entire interview feels like a Mexican Standoff; both sides doing their best to ignore the obvious questions even though they both want to say something. Thankfully it seems no one really cared and the company is more than supportive in accomodatting me and trying to help me fit in.

Anime con season has started again which is always encouraging. As I've mentioned before it's the one place where anyone can feel normal. This time took me to Minneapolis, which despite being rather cold is a rather nice place. I got to play lots of music games, drank copious amounts and met someone fantastic new friends. Now it's time to prepare for Anime Central in Chicago which I highly recommend anyone who likes anime, games, or anything nerdy should attend.

I'll work on some more substantial thoughts for later, just thought I'd get myself back into the mood for typing. Also as always feel free to post any questions at all in the comments and I'd be glad to answer. A regular Q&A is something I'd love to do.


  1. What kind of technical support do you do?
    Its a shame I dont live in the U.S, theres so many cons on for stuff. None whatsoever for anything round here.

  2. glad you're back with us :)